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Not just another fitness supplement. Designed specifically for Father's who need the daily fuel to give you the energy, performance and recovery to keep up with the kids.
  • Includes 10 sachets - one of each flavour to give you a taste of Fit Dad Fuel









Providing up to 4 HOURS sustained ENERGY with NO CRASH! ENERGY is your new best bud. It’s the ultimate companion for Focus, Alertness & Clarity, whether you need to be at your best for business, a workout, or family


Designed to help improve your daily PERFORMANCE whether it’s during a workout, chasing the kids around the park or because you are out working in the sun all day on the tools and you need a pick me up for that afternoon slump.


RECOVERY is going to be your new after dinner cup of tea. Not only delicious, but specifically created to help you relax & calm down, ready for bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Trial Box include?

The Trial box will give you 1 x Sachet from each of our 10 Flavours across our Energy, Hydration and Recovery suite of Lifestyle Supplements.

Are these supplements just for exercise?

We developed our products so you can have them as part of your daily routine regardless of if you're into fitness or not. Ideally have the energy first thing in the morning upon waking, Sip on the hydration through the day and the recovery about 30 min before bed. Of course, if you're into Fitness, these are a great supplement to have as a pre-workout, a hydration supplement prior, during or after your workout, and a recovery aid to help with those sore muscles.

Where is shipping from?

We are based out of Noosa, Queensland, Australia. We ship worldwide.

All orders received by 12pm we try to send the same day unless public holiday, weekend or something out of our control. Express Post is our standard method across Australia using Australia Post. Free shipping over $100 for all Australian Orders.

All international Orders are sent express post currently due to the global pandemic to avoid lengthly wait times. There is a fee at checkout for this service

How many calories per serving?

Each product and flavour varies, however all of our products are made with the lowest possible calorie count. Energy generally sits around 19 Calories per serve, Hydration around 24 Calories per serve, and Recovery around 18 Calories per serve.

Trial box
  • The Trial box is designed to give you the peace of mind before you have to commit to any larger purchase of Fit Dad Fuel Lifestyle Supplements.

  • It allows you to trial all 10 flavours and get to really test the products out and see what suits you and your fatherhood journey the best.

  • The Trial box will give you 1 x Sachet from each of our 10 Flavours across our Energy, Hydration and Recovery suite of Lifestyle Supplements.

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