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Ep 1. Time management for busy Fathers

In this episode we tackle time management. How you can look at your week differently, work out what things you can cut away that are taking up your time and get back to spending more time with your children and looking after your health and fitness.

Ep 2. 10 Problems Dad's have to deal with daily!

In this episode we look at the ten problems 95% of fathers are being affected by on a near daily occurrence. We look at what they are briefly and some strategies on how you can improve them and within 3 months be at a 100% improvement to where you are right now!

Ep 3. Adam + Jon - Daddio Trading Co

In this episode we speak to Adam & Jon, the amazing team behind lifestyle brand Daddio Trading Company based in California built for todays fathers!To check out there work you can find them across all the socials @daddiotradingco and also at

Ep 4. Glenn Azar - Building better humans project.

In this episode we speak with Glenn Azar. Father, Business owner and entrepreneur. Glen has his own podcast called "The Building Better Humans Project" An amazing gym in Brisbane, Australia called Project 180 and runs a company called Adventure Professionals and takes clients all around the world to places such as the Kokoda Trail and Mt Kilimanjaro. I Hope you enjoy this episode and if you would like to check out any of the stuff Glenn is doing then you can on Instagram.

Ep 5. Mental Health is REAL. Don't be afraid to reach for HELP

In this quick episode we speak briefly about mental health with fathers and let you know it is not weak to seek help and ask for support.

Ep 6. Why you should stop comparing yourself to others and why you should avoid pyramid schemes in the industry.

In this episode we tackle the issue that is stopping you from achieving all your health and fitness goals and why you should start saying NO to all these so called friends that keep trying to recruit you into these dodgy pyramid schemes.

Ep 7. Jason Clark from Perform360

On todays episode we speak with Jason Clark the co-founder of Perform360, Brisbane's leading functional fitness facility. We speak on everything from fitness, fatherhood and success.If you want to reach out to Jason you can visit or reach him on instagram @jay_p360

Ep 8. Jason Khalipa - Fittest Man on EARTH

Jason Khalipa is our guest today. 2008 Fittest man on earth 8 x Crossfit games competitor, Global business owner, Author, podcast host and father to 2 amazing kids.You can find out everything about Jason and grab a copy of his latest book from https://www.jasonkhalipa.comAlso follow him on Instagram @jasonKhalipaEnjoy the episode.

Ep 9. Yeah The Dads Clothing Co.

On Episode 9 of The Fit Dad Lifestyle podcast we speak with Shaun Gregory from Yeah the dads clothing co, A lifestyle clothing company based out of Australia who is building an amazing online presence with his clothing and community.Shaun also donates a portion of sales to the Chad Robinson Legacy Foundation supporting men with mental health problems.To check out Yeah The Dad clothing Co you can visit or follow on Instagram @ytd_clothingcoTo check out the Chad Robinson foundation head to:

Ep 10. Von Ralls - Lift Heavy Run Long

In Episode 10 we speak with Von Ralls, Owner of Olive Branch Crossfit and the Lift Heavy Run Long website, podcast and community.Von is a father of 3 kids and on top of all the above works a full time job as a web developer.To check out more about Von and his companies you can visit the links below

Ep 11. Kieran Carobine - Firefighting, Fitness + Fatherhood.

In this episode we speak with Kieran Carobine.We cover how he lost 80 Pounds, His career as a firefighter and the Keto Diet.Kieran's Instagram - @kieran.carobine

Ep 12. Ken Babington - Former Australian Soldier and Crossfit Owner.

In this episode we speak with Ken Babington. Former Australian Soldier, Crossfit owner and father to 2 amazing kids.There is some absolute gold in regards to advice for fathers in this episode so take note and I hope you enjoy the podcast.You can follow Ken on Instagram @Ken_Babington

Ep 13. Elijah Landen - Father and Ultra Runner.

In this episode we speak with Elijah Landen. Father, Ultra Runner and absolute legend from LA.Elijah's story is truly incredible and he keeps going from strength to strength in his quest for greatness and providing a perfect future for his kids.

Ep 14. Jeff McCann Interview - Father, Coach & History teacher.

In this episode we speak with Jeff McCann. Father of twins, Strength and conditioning coach in Southern California and History teacher.It was an amazing episode to chat to someone who is like a lot of fathers out there and trying to wear 5 different hats and juggling fatherhood at the same time.To follow Jeff you can find him @Mccannsportsperformance on Instagram

Ep 15. Jade Child - Fitness, Fatherhood and World Records

In this episode we speak with Jade Child, Business owner, Father, Fitness fanatic, Sporting superstar and former Guinness world record holder. Take a listen and make sure you follow Jade on Instagram: @tassieartificialturf

Ep 16. Dee Murthy - Father and Successful Entrepreneur.

In this episode we speak with Dee Murthy. Dee is a father to Dom and is based in Los Angelas, California.Dee is the co founder of The Five Four Group and Young & Reckless.He also is one of the hosts on the worlds number one entertainment podcast - Group Chat.He also Has his own Podcast called Deetour.All the links to Dee, His business's and podcasts are below.I hope you enjoy the episode.Instagram - @DeeMurthy

Website - 

Ep 17. Morning Routines & 3.45am Wake Ups

In this episode Leroy chats about his morning routine. Pre workouts. 3.45am Wake ups and achieving your first goal of the day.If you want to connect further follow us on IG @TheFitDadLifestyle or join our community on Facebook.

Ep 18. Justin Murphy - Nutrition Coach, New father and athlete.

In this episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Justin Murphy. Just in a nutrition coach and new father to a little baby boy. We had a chance to tackle all things fitness, fatherhood, time management and nutrition in a very motivating and inspiring chat.For more info on Justin or to contact him head to or follow him on the socials at @icoachnutrition

Ep 19. Owen Bowling - Fitness industry expert, Entrepreneur and Father.

In this episode we were lucky enough to speak to Owen Bowling, Owen is one of the leaders in the fitness industry and the founder of companies, Crankit Fitness, FourD Media and Nude Nutrients.Make sure you have a listen to this episode and some of the absolutely amazing advice and stories he has.You can follow own at:Facebook - 

Instagram - 

Linkdn -

Ep 20. Ted Hanlon - Australian Veteran, Entrepreneur & New Father

Today we speak with Ted Hanlon, Former Australian solider, Security contractor entrepreneur and new father.To have a look at any of Ted's companies follow the links below  

*Excuse the editing, there was a bit of disturbance noice in the background from a plane, oh and yeh me trying to to choke on water haha. Thanks.

Ep 21. 25 Rules to teach your children - Leroy Faure

In this episode Leroy tells us 25 Rules we need to be teaching our children on the daily. You need to be also doing it yourself if you want it to filter through to your kids, as they will more often than not follow your actions than your words.

Ep 22. Fear.. Leroy Faure with 5 Minute Wednesdays.

Do you suffer from FEAR? Have a listen to This short 5 minute fire chat with Leroy From The Fit Dad Lifestyle.

Ep 23. Michael Lane - Success Resources Australia

In this episode Leroy speaks with the managing director of Success Resources Australia, Michael Lane. Michael is a family man with two kids aged 7 and 7 months.

Check out the website.

Ep 24. Your Motivation is right in front of YOU

Your biggest motivation as a father is staring you in the eye's saying "Dad, I Love You"We have just released out new course, check it out at course.thefitdadlifestyle.comAs always want to get in touch [email protected]

Ep 25. Sean Brandon - Father & Current serving USA Army Officer

In this episode we speak to The Fit Dad Lifestyle community member Sean Brandon, Father of 2 young children and active USA Army officer. We speak about fatherhood and the military. Time Management and how amazing It is being a Dad.Got any questions for Sean you can follow him on Instagram at @naturallyBrand or you can speak to him inside the community on Facebook.

Ep 26. 5 Minute Fireside chat with my two young boys!

We sit down with Harry and Tanner and have a quick chat about their favourite training, muscle foods and Harrys kind gesture to the kids of the world.Want to transform your life?Start here:

Ep 27. We Launched a COURSE for DADS

We Launched a 8 week course specifically for Dad's. Want to increase your health and fitness both physically and mentally?

Check out the link here

Ep 28. Dont F*CK up Fatherhood

In this short fire side episode Leroy speaks about why you need to learn to hate the word REGRET when it comes to your for our 8 week Course, Start 2020 on the right path!

Ep 29. Roger Bright - Successful Business owner + Father

In Ep. 29 we speak to Roger Bright, Businessman, Father and someone who loves to be at his best at all times, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. We speak about some of the amazing techniques Roger uses to keep his body and mind sharp and also take a listen for a special Gift from His families Yoga Studio in [email protected] On Instagram.Thanks for listening.

Ep 30. Telv Williams - Fatherhood, FIFO Work and Reality TV

In This episode we speak with Telv Williams. A Father to 3 amazing young kids and former contestant for the TV Show Married at first sight.We have a great conversation on the behind the scenes workings of the show and also chat about how he manages to manage his role as a father with his 3 kids whilst doing FIFO in the mines and his fitness routines.To Follow Telv make sure you get in touch at

Ep 31. Jake Matthews - Father & UFC Fighter

We had the pleasure of speaking with Australian UFC Fighter Jake Matthews. Father to a 1 year old daughter based out of Melbourne, Australia. We spoke about how he has managed Fatherhood and being a professional Athlete. His upcoming fight in New Zealand and how he manages to be at the top of his game and be an amazing role model to his kids in the process.You can follow Jake on Instagram at the episode and make sure you screenshot it and tag both Jake and The Fit Dad Lifestyle with your favourite part of the

Ep 32. Goal Setting and Long Term Thinking

In this episode Leroy speaks to us about setting goals for the long term. Understanding the failures will happen and learning to enjoy the journey.Check out our brand new

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