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The Next Level Dad Program

$29.95 AUD

This is built for Dad's who are sick of playing around.

Can make up to 2 Sessions a day at the gym multiple days a week and are ready to transform like never before.

This is for Dad's who have been around the gym for a while. Are capable of adjusting to new workouts and are ready to smash the next 8 weeks out of the ballpark.

-7 days A WEEK

-2 x 30-60 min sessions a day

-Bodyweight + Gym Sessions

-Access to our training app

-8 weeks long


-Constantly Varied

* This program has to be manually set up so please allow us time to apply this program to you and send the email instructions once we have completed it. We are in Australia so unless its overnight when we are asleep it will happen within a couple of hours. Enjoy :)