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10 things i know to be true

10 things I know to be true. 


1: 95% of the things that go wrong in your life are due to a decision that you made at some stage. You can stress, blame, argue the point about why not. But a decision you made 10 years ago or 1 day ago led you to be in this situation in the first place. Accept responsibility. Realize it’s not as bad as you first thought. Move on. 


2: Regret will haunt you more than any failure or mistake. Don’t get 3/5/10/20 years down the road and regret what you could be achieving now for you or your kids. 


3: There is no perfect diet or fitness routine. They all serve there own purpose. The best one for you is the one you can sustain for years to come that makes you happy and you actually enjoy doing. 


4: Your kids will follow what you do rather than what you say more often than not. If you’re eating crap, being lazy, not setting an example and not chasing goals. Don’t expect your kids too. Practice what you preach. 


5: The sooner you stop caring what your neighbour, brother, mother, best friend thinks of what you are doing or how you are doing it you will be constantly second guessing yourself and doing it in a way that serves to impress them and not impress yourself. 


6: 168 hours in a week. You all have time to achieve anything you want. Stop making excuses to why not and just start and get it done. 


7: You only need to be a better Father than you were yesterday. There will be ups, downs and struggles. Be better than yesterday and you will always win. 


8: Training with your kids, adventuring, exploring or just hanging out on the couch will give you so much more satisfaction and happiness than anything else out there. So do that more and everything else less. 


9: Your kids want YOU. Not that gift you brought them because you’re never around. Stop buying there happiness and acceptance and start being there for them. 


10: Get up earlier. Get your training done. Obviously use Fit Dad Fuel to start your day and be alert, ready and aware of your surroundings. Push, motivate, encourage but most importantly show love, support and guidance. 



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