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Want to join over 5000 Fathers worldwide to talk fatherhood, fitness, work, life & a bit of banter.

You'll get exclusive updates on The Fit Dad Lifestyle, our supplements brand Fit Dad Fuel, and our clothing brand FDF.

The Fit Dad Lifestyle is built on the foundations of being able to live a healthy balanced life in the quest to become a better role model and inspiration to our kids.
It is a group and community of no judgement and a place that you will be supported in every way possible.

The Fit Dad Lifestyle is not a fad or a quick fix. Its about making small daily measurable changes in your life so that you can ultimately live the life you envision and be the father figure you want your kid to look up to.

You will get out of this community what you put in. If you want to keep yourself accountable post your goals and aspirations to the group. Let the group keep you accountable to your plans.

The group is here as a security blanket for you and your mission. If things are too much have the confidence to ask for help or reach out. I want to promote positivity and I want you to feel positive. Too many of us are too afraid to speak out and fight any mental illness. Don't be. We are all fathers, we all have had or still have issues in some way shape or form and what you are going through someone in this group has already been through it and came out the other side better for it.

The workouts or nutrition or motivation in this group cant be tailored to your individual needs unfortunately we need to cater for a wide variety of people and try and keep it relevant to everyone in here.

Resources to help you live the fit dad lifestyle

Find everything here. Blogs, free workouts, our podcast & plenty of education to watch through.


114 pages of high quality images, information and advice for Dad's. 

  • Sample meal plans
  • Workout templates
  • Exercise descriptions
  • Goal setting

  • Finding your why
  • Your purpose
  • Managing stress
  • + so much more.



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