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There are 6 key areas that need to be mastered for the success of every Father.







If you are like the majority of Fathers out there. You are struggling to master even half of these to your full potential.

But deep down you know that you have that fire in your belly to promote change.

You are sick of going through life day to day. You’re ready to answer that call of greatness and to avoid a lifetime of regret.

Because you have something to prove. To yourself, To your partner and most importantly to YOUR KIDS.

Hey Dad,

If you have got to this point reading this. I know you are not like other Dads and you want huge change. You want to be the one dictating your future and going about life on your terms.

Fathers like you share one thing in common.

But before I get into that I want to introduce myself.

My name is Leroy. Former Australian Soldier, Security Contractor, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Fit Dad Lifestyle and Fit Dad Fuel.

So what is The Benefits of The Fit Dad Lifestyle? Its education, it's training programs you can do from home and its the starting point to build those foundations that you can set the rest of your life upon.

The program is a total transformation from the inside out.

You won’t be expected to take a before and after pictures. This isn't a marketing play for us. This is helping Fathers be better examples to their children

The change is happening internally. The change is happening for your kids future. Once again its not a marketing testimonial for future clients.

No matter what stage of Fatherhood you are up to in life. There will be real conversations. Real truths discovered and real opportunity to make change.

You recognise that what you have been doing in the past hasn’t worked. You are willing to do whatever it takes to become an even better Father and role model for your children not just short term but until the day you die.

You recognise that to be that leader, that example and that powerful father figure you need to be a master at all 6 areas of your life.

The Fit Dad Lifestyle was developed for Fathers that want to create change in:

-Fitness and health.

-Mindset strategies, Leadership & Support.

-Nutrition and making better decisions.

-Recovery of the body and the mind.

-Family roles and responsibilities.

-Happiness across all aspects.

If you’re ready to level up and become the Dad you have aspired to be then I need you to do 3 things.


Download our FREE app - The Fit Dad Lifestyle which is available on Apple and Google.

This is your home page. This is your secret sauce and this is where you will find all the education, information, fitness plans and advice to start setting yourself up for success.


Join The Fit Dad Lifestyle Community on Facebook it is where you will find over 3000 Dads from around the world on the same mission as you. A safe place, free of negativity and the perfect location to post your questions, keep yourself accountable and interact with likeminded fathers on the same mission.


Register for our World Famous Daily Emails. We cover all the topics you are thinking. We keep it real and raw and we tell you how it is. You daily dose of motivation and inspiration to stay on track and keep crushing fatherhood every single day.

Chat soon.


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