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Creating your fit dad lifestyle

The Fit Dad Lifestyle was developed for Fathers that want to create change in:

-Fitness and health.

-Mindset strategies, Leadership & Support.

-Nutrition and making better decisions.

-Recovery of the body and the mind.

-Family roles and responsibilities.

-Happiness across all aspects.

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Premium Quality and No banned substances

Recent Blogs

How are your kids coping?

The world is going crazy,Riots, pandemics, murders this that and everything else. Parents are working from home, losi...

Dads, Stop trying to impress others!

You can never impress people. Society: You should parent this way. Also Society: No, Kids don’t like when you do that...

What Dads think of fit dad fuel

Education for fathers

With over 20 hours of FREE educational content allowing you to learn better practices across goal setting, self confidence, Nutrition, workouts and so much more.

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The Fit dad lifestyle podcast

With over 70 episodes so far with Fathers from around the world speaking to elite sports stars, TV personalities, Community members, World champions, Business Moguls and real talk from Leroy you are guaranteed to learn something amazing each episode.

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15 Minute Workouts from home

We have developed over 50 x 15 min workouts for Dads you can do from home with just a set of dumbbells and a medicine ball. Perfect if you cant find the time for the gym or because you are looking after the kids. Be the Father you want your kids to look up to and be the source of inspiration for them.

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Join our community online

A group of over 3000 Fathers from around the world all with the sole mission of supporting one another and to encourage everyone to be the best father and example they can be to their children and become the Dad that they dreamt about for many more years to come.

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Operation Dad is our 60 day program for Dads to become Fitter, Healthier, Happier and more confident. If you are ready to become the leader, role model and example for your kids check it out.

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Over 3000 Father's worldwide on a mission to become fitter, healthier and more confident for their children.

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