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10 things to stop doing today Dads.

So these are the ten things in my opinion you need to stop doing today. 

1- Stop putting yourself last. 

2- Stop thinking with a glass half empty aproach to life and your abilities. 

3- Stop comparing yourself to others on social media and in life. 

4- Stop the negative self talk about yourself. 

5- Stop second guessing every decision. 

6- Stop thinking you’re a terrible father. 

7- Stop putting off achieving your Heath and fitness goals. 

8- Stop being lazy and arrogant. 

9- Stop working so much. Your kids want you not the extra toys. 

10- Stop hating on others. Positive energy all around. 

Spread positivity. Share your wins, congratulate others on theirs. Tell your kids how much you love them. Celebrate there milestones. Don’t fall for any negativity. Be your own person. Don’t do it too impress another. Tell your family how much you love them and just be happy. 

Keep crushing life Dads. 

Have the the best day.

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