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10 Tips for Dad's

Posted on December 24 2019

10 Tips for Dad's
10 tips for Dads
1 - 168 hours in a week. You have enough time. Stop making excuses! 
2 - You will always have fear and doubt in some way shape or form. You can choose to constantly stress about it and let it consume you or you can face them, tackle them and overcome them. 
3 - if your not setting goals you are not really laying the foundations to your full potential. Plus if you don’t know where your going how are you meant to end up there? 
4 - Stress is a massive issue for men. Exercise is a great stress release. Still don’t have time?
5 - You don’t have to be a superhero to your friends. Just your kids! It is OK to ask for help! 
6 - Balance is key to a happy life. Work, life, kids, exercise, personal time. Find a balance between it all. 
7 - You should all be displaying a high level of confidence in yourself and your ability as a father. Kids watch and learn not listen and learn. If Your confident guess who will be also. 
8 - Being present in the moment is a massive thing.  Flicking on Facebook whilst playing dinosaur flying zombies with your son is not being present. Put the phone down. 
9 - Insecurities are going to be there. Everything is new, weird and not what you thought. Tackle one day at a time. Have a good support network and communicate with your partner. 
10 - Motivation is right in front of you. Those little sets of eyes looking at you saying daddy.
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