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2 Years Can change your life Dads

If you look back over the last 2 years have you given absolutely everything to fatherhood, your health, your career, your relationship, your fitness or any other aspect of your life?

Goals are just dreams until you action and achieve them.

If you take yourself back to July 2018 and the position that you are in with your life compared to right now.

Where are you situated?

Are you ahead of where you wanted to be?

Are you healthier?

Maybe more lazier?

Still got those same jobs to do around the house?

Maybe another kid?

Maybe divorced?

2 years is a very long time and even in a crazy pandemic it might seem like it’s dragging on forever.

But 2 years happens quicker than you think and now looking into the future July 2022 will be here before you know it.

The pandemic will pass, the new normal will be in place and you will be back doing your daily routine chasing your bigger picture.

So use the last 2 years as a wake up call for the next two.

Double down on your strengths and your wins and understand your losses and faults and how you could do better next time.

Do something no matter how big or small towards your ultimate vision daily.

Don’t waste a second longer than you have to on your smart devices when the kids are around.

Cherish this age whilst you can because in 2 years time your kids are going to be very different and your relationship will be very different.

Start living the life you want to.

Don’t keep doing it in a way that you dislike just because society has you programmed that way.

You’re living your only shot at life right now and for most of us we are nearing a third or half way through it.

See the vision. Action it. Inspire your kids. Make it happen.

Crush the day.

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