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34 Minutes a Day

34 Minutes a Day!!!

Studies have come back that the average FATHER spends only 34 Meaningful minutes with there children each day!


This is actually one on one time, no technology, no distractions, no spending time whilst doing activities like bathing or eating.

1 in 4 Dads feel too busy to spend enough time with their kids!

long working hours, lengthy commutes and getting in from work exhausted has led to more than a quarter of mums and dads constantly feeling they don't get enough time to spend with their children.

That amount does rise at the weekends but still remains small – just one hour 37 minutes was the average amount of quality time that families get together properly, with just over three hours in a whole weekend.

Six in ten Dads said they struggle to get the family together as a whole with just four meals a week eaten together as a family – often with the kids eager to get down from the table and back to their gadgets.


Considering that by the time your kids are 18, you have spent 80% of the time you ever will with them times those 18 years by the 34 Min a day and you have left a lot on the table regarding your children.

Working heaps, Staying late back at the office, Traveling 2 hours a day commuting to and from work might all sound great now because you are always wanting more. More money, More Power, More responsibility.

Guess who also wants more?


Don't get 20 years down the track and go F*ck I just wasted my whole children's upbringing working my ass off and live that life of REGRET

Sure provide for your family But look at the bigger picture.

In 10/15/20/40 Years time when your kids are grown up are you going to look back at the nice light fitting, that perfect silverware or that brand new car you had in your 40's and go I am so glad I worked my ass off to let my kid experience the "luxuries" in life. But F*ck I wish I didn't do 12 hour days and actually enjoyed taking my son to footy training, my daughter to dance and being able to pick them up from school and go to the beach and enjoy those small things.

YOUR KIDS mean the world to YOU.

YOU are always saying YOU would do anything for THEM

But YOU are putting YOUR career, luxury household items, Extravagant lifestyle and everything else BEFORE THEM.

Time for that MINDSET switch.



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