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3rd baby?

Having a third child was never on the cards. It was wanted but at the time (or so I thought not realistic)

We were traveling a heap, every few months camping or overseas or on different adventures.

Then the shutdowns and lockdowns came.

No more of anything for a good 2 years.

Funny story we were in Bali the day the pm announced that as of tonight 12pm if you come back in the country it’s 2 weeks quarantine.

We were luckily flying home that day and plane was arriving at 11.15pm so thought yes we have dodged it.

Nope. Met at plane doors by people with hazmat suits and told yeh 12pm Canberra time. So it’s actually 12.15pm here and as such we missed out by 15 min and had to home quarantine for 2 weeks 😆🤷🏻‍♂️

So why did we have a third? My wife always wanted 3 kids. Me I was probably selfish and because our kids where now 3/6 at the time we had passed the tougher years. They were independent enough to travel easier, eat, go to toilet etc. Life was easy and throwing a baby into the mix just takes us back a whole new level. So I thought.

When we were forced to stay in the state. It gave me realization that all my wife wants is one more child and my excuse, it will make travel harder, we need a bigger house, car, isn’t it better with 2?

So I gave myself a stern talking to and realized how much love and happiness our kids bring. How the one thing my wife really wants is another baby and here I am blaming travel.

Meanwhile she has been the best support in everything I have ever wanted to do, career, businesses, travel, adventure, investments. Never questioned a thing. Always supportive.

Long story short after many of conversations. A third baby was agreed too.

I am kicking myself we didn’t do it earlier.

It’s the greatest thing I could have possibly hoped for.

The family unit is stronger than ever.

The boys now that they are 5/8 are such a tremendous help with her and for us.

She has such a funny, beautiful nature and has given us so much love and appreciation for the world.

So the journey continues and we will be taking them all on a big usa and Bahamas trip at the end of the month and get to experience our first overseas trip as a family of 5.

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