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5 Things Fatherhood Has Taught me

Being a Father definitely has its ups and downs as you can understand. From the happiest times of your life to wanting to bang your head against a wall. Here is 5 things fatherhood has taught me.


1- That its ok to have 5 different series of emotions in a day. Frustrated, Angry, Sad, Happy, Loved, Upset, Hurt, Proud etc ect. I honestly feel like its just part of the parcel. Some days might be all the same happy emotion. Then others all sad and tough and you're struggling. I have learnt to take the good with the bad. Try to change the situation or surrounds if its too bad and make the good come back. Either way when the kids go to bed and you eventually doze off just remember the sun still rises the next day and you have a blank canvas once again.



2 - The more sh!t I put into my mouth the more Sh!t the kids want. My boys are 5 and 2 and there is no longer going to the pantry and sneaking that bit of candy or ice cream at night they have a weird 6th sense and they know. The have super sonic hearing and can hear the wrapper opening or something. 9/10 times it ends up being that I give them a little bit to avoid a scene and unwanted crying and well they busted me so they deserve something hey. But it doesn't matter what it is kids just wanna have what we are having. Except veggies, you have to force that stuff haha. So limit the stuff you have in the house that is there as a treat either for you or them. The more you stay away from it then the more they won't find you, catch you and go for or even ask for it. Yeh and the health benefits that go along with it too.


3 - Take Control One thing that I have found is to be very decisive. Not asking the kids so much what they feel like for dinner, what we should do today etc. Not saying they don't have an input but I have found the more rope you give them it just sets you up for disappointment to them. 9 times out of 10 they want something to eat that you don't have in the house or they want to do something that's either not in the budget or not a realm of possibility for that day. So rather than asking and not being able to deliver take control and tell them what you are doing or eating and then spin the excitement and fun into that.


4 - Include them in everything you do. They are so eager to learn and play and it gets them away from technology. Fixing the boat, doing the lawns, Fixing a door, Doing the dishes it doesn't matter what it is, if you are doing it chances are your kids want to do it as well. Yep they probably don't wanna do it by themselves like pick up the 393 toys of the ground but if you help them they will jump in and do it their way. Start including them more rather than sending to other room to sit there and play or watch tv until you're finished.


5- Kids are not an excuse to lose your life or friends over. Strict timings, Sleep times, Meal times, routines that are out of control. I have seen so many friends lose themselves by doing this. Lose the quality of there life and also lose friends in the process. I remember growing up and mum and dad where quite social we would be at this house, this persons bbq, this footy match or whatever was happening and if we were super tired they would just put us in pram, spare bed at that place, in the car asleep if traveling. Dont let the kids dictate your life. Sleeping in a pram or bassinet or car carrier or a friends bed is fine. If they dont eat at 5 but instead eat at 6.30 who cares. Dont worry about that loud noise or rush people out the door cause its kids bed time. Live your life and the kids will adjust. Dont let the kids rule your life and you adjust.


Have the best day.



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