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5 things Fatherhood has taught me

5 Things Fatherhood has taught me:


1: It is completely normal especially in the early days to have every emotion you can think of within an hour. Complete love, joy, happiness, frustration, anger, tears. Perfect example first few months with new born as a new father left alone. Laying there just staring at them complete happiness to them trying to feed, put to sleep and then crying, not taking to bottle and wanting mum and not being able to control the situation. 


2: if you’re imaginative and plant an idea in your kids they will have just as much if not more fun with a stick, rock or anything else they find and create a random game to play compared to any toy you could purchase. Toys have an initial life span of about 1-2 hours in our house. Another couple of plays here and there but the majority of them sit there and you could remove them after a few weeks and they wouldn’t know any different. 


3: It is completely normal to want to be around the kids all the time. You and your partner might plan for the grandparents to watch them on a Friday night for you. But you will go to dinner and you will only talk about the kids, not know what to do because usually you have the kids with you and then end up cutting the night short to go get them because you miss them. 


4: They have memories like no other. You might be in target one day and they want something and you say we will get it next time and everyone moves on. But I guarantee even if you don’t go back for 12 months you will have forgotten about it. But as you pass aisle X and that toy is still there you will get a “Dad remember you said we could get this next time” you won’t click at first but then memory will kick in and game over. You have to get it haha. 


5: Maintaining a level of health and fitness is paramount to you never having to let your children down. You want to be at all times stronger, faster and fitter and healthier than they are. You have to lead by example for one. But you have to be able to say yes to any activities they want to do. Surf, run, bike ride, tag, mountain climbs etc etc. Don’t ever let yourself be in a position where you have to say NO to an activity that is going to give them that amazing smile and happiness. You will get to a stage in your journey through fatherhood where there won’t be any more adventures. Any more firsts. Any more opportunities to show them stuff. They grow up to quick and the stuff you don’t do with them will be the regret you face in 20 years time. 


Keep crushing fatherhood. 



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