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5 Tips for Dads who are struggling with their health and fitness

5 Tips for Dads who are struggling with their health and fitness.


-If you’re struggling with how to start, go for a walk, play tag with your kids at the park, kick a soccer ball, climb a tree, scooter or ride your bike. This can also be a baseline. This can be your starting point.

You don’t need to sign up to the next clever marketing 12 week shred. It won’t teach you long lasting lifestyle choices, you will go hard for a couple of weeks then fall back into bad habits and you will hate every minute of it. Start by doing more than yesterday. That’s a win and a tick in the box to then build upon.


-The magic amount of weight you want to lose, the shredded body, the 6 pack. It’s all a by product of your discipline to maintaining consistency over a good period of time. Training specifically for that is a sure way to feel failure when you don’t get there. You can be just as happy with a 7kg weight loss than a 9kg. Stop getting so caught up on what that number should be or what that so called perfect body is. Be consistent in your approach. Make sure you can account for small attainable results that keep moving you forward and don’t try and change your whole world in a week or month. Adjust slowly, it’s more sustainable this way.


-Get up earlier and do something active. Yes this means you will have to miss that 4th episode of the new series you’re watching on tv, the extra last minute check on the socials to what your grade 5 friend had for Sunday dinner. What it allows you to do is set your day up for success. Tick that first goal off for the day. Feel great about it and be ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. As a dad, life happens. That gym session you anticipate to do after work gets cancelled because of school sport, sick child, meetings, traffic or the weather. Early in the am, you control that narrative not anyone else can take that from you.


-Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be done in a gym. If your passion is surfing, Zumba, boxing, Pilates, kayaking, skateboarding or whatever else you love. Do more of that. If it’s a passion you will be less likely to find an excuse as to why you shouldn’t be doing it, it’s going to be sustainable for longer and chances are you will introduce your children to it eventually and be able to ignite that passion again as they pick it up and you do it together.


-Eat well 80% of the time. Don’t deprive yourself of that treat or that favorite dinner spot. But don’t binge on it for days on end. Eat well when you’re in control and if you get invited for dinner a party a wedding etc then enjoy the food you get. Life is about balance. You’re not training for the next Olympia or mens fitness cover. Enjoy your self. Drink plenty of water. Have a beer after a hard days work and do everything in moderation.

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