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6 Things as parents we need to teach our kids.

1: We have to teach our children to be accountable for their actions. Good, bad or otherwise. Learning right from wrong and being able to accept responsibility is one of the most important foundations we can instill from an early age.


2: We have to let them experience failure. Just like failure allows us to establish where we went wrong and how to adjust, adapt and overcome for next time. Our children have to learn it as well. We know the right answers to the issues they are trying to achieve. But if we consistently give them the green light they will not gain that capability to problem solve and think for themself.


3: We have to teach them that what they do today has longterm affects on their lives, just as they are watching us and following in our footsteps. The choices they make today, good, bad or otherwise can drastically change how tomorrow looks which could severely impact how their life plays out. Keeping healthy, keeping active, being present. All things we should be doing to help pave the way.


4: We have to teach why respecting people matters. Respecting their parents, siblings, grandparents, school teachers, veterans and the list goes on. They don’t have to agree with everything. But until they are at an age to distinguish those truths for themself, respect must be upheld.


5: We have to help them realize they can overcome their fears. As they grow up everything is a fear. Fear of that first jump in the pool, ride on bike, first steps, first try of broccoli, first rollercoaster, first of everything. Our kids are resilient, the positive reinforcement is what will help them give it a crack in the first place. The acknowledgement of how well they went will mean they will do it 1000 times more and wonder why they were so scared in the first place.


6: We have to let them be who they are, not who you want them to be. It’s tough because the schooling system pushes them in one direction, society grabs from another direction and what they want to do is mushed in between. It doesn’t matter if they are 12/17/23 and don’t have a career or life figured out. Half of the 10,000 of us reading this now still haven’t got it figured out so how can we expect them too? Let them be curious, today it might be a firefighter, tomorrow an NBA star, next day selling NFT’s. It will all work out, it always does.

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