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80% Of the time we ever spend with our kids is over by the time they are 18 Years

Did you know that 80% of the time we ever spend with our kids is over by the time they turn 18?

It really hit home for me speaking about it on a podcast yesterday that my eldest son is nearly 7 and to be quite fair the time has just flown by and to think we are now nearing that 40% mark puts a big reality kick into how much more I want to do with them, for them and not waste a single second.

The age they are at now we still have somewhat control. We can all cuddle up on a couch and watch a movie. Can decide what’s for dinner, where we are going how we are doing it. But give it time and more and more of those decisions will have inputs from them.

The environment around the world is changing, technology will change, their interests will change and things will continue to evolve and all these little things we are embracing now will be distant memories.

Considering we sleep for a third of our life, work for the other third out of that 168 hours a week there really isn’t too much time to allocate meaningful time to them to make up that 80% and there is a heap of years post 18 to use that 20% which is scary.

This weekend try to cram as much time with the kids as you ever have. Explore. Go outdoors. Adventure. Do what you can and enjoy it whilst taking heaps of videos and pictures to enjoy later.

Have a great weekend.

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