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9-5 or your own business?

True fact, it was at this exact location in Thailand that The Fit Dad Lifestyle came to life in July of 2018. 

Working for someone was never really something I enjoyed or aspired to do once I left the army. You spend so long in the green getting told what to do and when and how to do it that you kind of go against it afterwards. Well I did anyway. 

So when we left the army we started a group fitness company, a international fitness holiday company, tried to get into the tech game a couple of times and even did some contracting overseas. Just to avoid working for another person. 

I think the thrill of starting something and watching it evolve is one of the best feelings in the world. 

Bringing to life a thought you had in the head. Turning that dream into a reality. 

The thrills, the wins, the freedom. 


The heartache, the stress, the losses, the late nights, early starts, no sales, no customers, bills piled up to the sky, shutdowns, failures. 

See it’s not glamorous all the time. 

But it’s all about the lifestyle you want to choose. The lifestyle you want for the family and the freedom to create something that you are 100% in control off. 

See if I want to go on a holiday with the family. We plan it and make it happen. We don’t have 4 weeks a year as our only option. 

I am there to be able to take kids to school or pick them up or to help out my wife if she is busy or unwell. 

But the sacrifices we have to do to make this a reality are not for everyone. 

When you’re running an online business and Supplement company it isn’t just a 40 hour week anymore. There isn’t a strict schedule to hit per week. 

It’s work hard when you need to. 24/7 are your potential work hours. 40 hours a week is a light week. 

A typical day:
4am wake up. 
4.30 Gym
5.30 Run with dog
6am family waking up, morning routine, breakfast, school etc
8.30-2. In the home office. Emails, orders, making content, fixing website, podcasts, fixing app etc
2-3 school pick ups. 
3.30 - 4.30 training, adventure, bike ride, sport with kids. 
5-8 a blend of dinner, kids night routine, more work if urgent enough. 
8-Bedtime scheduling social media, replying to emails. Podcast to fit in other time zones if needed. 

Days? Whatever is needed. There is no just mon to Friday anymore. It’s put in the work when needed. 

So why post all this stuff?

Because we get so many questions about how we live the lifestyle we do. It ain’t without sacrifices. It’s not easy and it’s not for everyone especially in early days when you are barely covering rent and eating staple foods. 

But you create your own destiny. You don’t answer to anyone and you get to do as much as you want or is needed and on the flip side you have to ability to cancel out any day or week completely and just hang with the family. No holidays lost, no sick days used. 

So Dad’s how do you take the leap if want the freedom but in a stable job that pays the bills?

It becomes a after hours activity. Something you work on from 8-12pm when the kids are asleep or on the weekend. 

You work it until you can take that leap and go all in. Or you have long service leave, holidays or a supportive partner who can support you in it. 

If your always 1 foot in 1 out then it won’t work. 

100% all in. Expect to fail many of times, learn and adjust and keep pushing forward. 

Don’t get 20 years down the track. Working for the same boss in the same building and go I wish I did this back then. 

Trial it. Have a crack? What’s the worst that can happen you fail and have to go back to old gig? 

Have a great day legends. 

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