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Are we ever happy with how we look?

To be honest when are we ever happy with how we look?

You are 20kg overweight. You lose that 20kg thinking all your dreams will come true. Nope. You then want more. You want to be now Shredded. So you work your ass of for another 6 months to be shredded. Nope not happy I want to be bigger. Then you just keep chasing that mystical end point that never comes because you want more. 

Its human nature.

We buy a house. We want a better one or to improve it. 

We buy a car. 12 months later we want the new release. 

It’s how our brains are wired. We have a struggle with accepting things and be contempt with what we have. 

How many times have you set a goal only to reach it and then want more from it?

Don’t get me wrong Wanting more is not a bad thing. It’s quite normal. 

So how do we capitalise on us wanting more and try and use it to our advantage?

Long term goal setting with bi monthly milestones to hit that also has risk mitigation elements in case things are going pear shaped but also has optional routes at the end of the goal to fork off and continue that mission along said path. 

You might not think you want more. But history shows you probably will. So why not plan for it Incase and tailor what your doing now towards that greater goal which could avoid you having to do 2 x 8 week blocks to achieve both from today’s position. Instead it might be just 1 x 12 week block to get to the greater position. 16 weeks to achieve the greater vision doing it the way you would now or 12 weeks to the greater vision by extending your goals out further because your going to anyway. 

Have the best day



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