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Are you sick of playing the lottery with life?

Are you constantly playing the lottery with how you approach life and Going into each day as a father hoping that it just clicks and you win the jackpot?

Giving your all daily playing the game with some days you winning a small prize and other days nothing at all but ultimately not winning the major prize?

What is that major prize anyway?

It could be financial yes we all know money helps as a Dad to provide that future for the family. 

But could the prize also be true happiness? True presence? Respect? Health? Fitness? Wellness? Not only for yourself but for everyone around you?

What plans are you putting into place daily to ensure that you are giving yourself and your family the best chance of success in the above categories?

Out of the 168 hours every week what are you allocating to ensure that you are no longer just throwing time and energy at the wall and hoping for the best or that jackpot to go off?

Take the blinkers off and start thinking bigger picture. Plan appropriately and work harder than ever on your short falls. Go into each day with a plan not a hope. 

Happy Friday Legends.


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