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Be Better Than Yesterday!

Posted on December 24 2019

Be Better Than Yesterday!
You don’t need to be an expert on day 1.
You don’t need to complete that full 5km run, you also don’t need to start at the heaviest weights in the gym, you also don’t need to pretend you know everything about being a dad.
We all have to start at the bottom.
The most influential people in the world you look up to started with 1. 1 run, 1 rep, 1 movie, 1 diaper change, 1 job interview, 1 happy thought, 1 of everything that made them who they are today!
Stop putting things off and not starting because of how you think you may be perceived by others or the time you think it may take you to get there. Everyone has been in your shoes before.
Just start that’s the main key and every day be better than yesterday in some way shape or form depending on what it is your going through of chasing.


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