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When you do something you LOVE you are passionate as fuck! You are constantly pushing pushing and pushing to get the desired response.

It’s not classed as weekend work, overtime, there is no start or finish it’s just keep going until it’s either done or you have made enough inroads to continue the task tomorrow.

Maybe you have started a business, could have been a school project back in the day, a hobby such as learning a new song or building something. Passion is the one thing that will get you their quicker and happier.

You also notice the kids and how their passions change. You see the activities that they conduct or start to do. They spend more and more time fixing their craft and that particular thing stays around and has more a vested interest than anything else.

Double down on your passions. They are going to be more enjoyable and you will most likely care less about having to do the hard yards or the extra time and who knows maybe if it’s not already your career you could eventually do your passion full time and completely change the outlook of your life.

Crush the day.

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