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Comfort Levels

I never enjoyed being another number. 
School, work, military, sporting clubs. 
I always wanted more for my self. 
My goals were always to get to that next level. 
Because average and comfort levels is not in my blood. 
I think way to big all the time. 
I have so much I am yet to achieve. But that leaves me hungry. 
I have so much to learn. 
Sometimes you need to let go of your old life to find your new life. 
You need to go all in on that dream and vision you have for the next 5 years. 
The road may be hard, tough and full of suffering and stress. 
But why would you want it any other way?
Too many people out there love being comfortable. Love knowing that next weeks wage is guaranteed. The 4 weeks annual leave is set year on year. 
They will put up with 8 years hating a job to get a 3 months long service leave. 
The company would replace them tomorrow if they left and the machine would keep moving forward without sorrow. 
You’re meant for more. 
Yes, you reading this right now. 
You will never get it living someone else’s dream. 
It’s time to detach from your comfort levels and try find some real growth. 
Pave your own path. Find yourself. 
Don’t you want to see what’s on the other side of that fear that’s been holding you back?
Instead of being lost, hurt, confused?
Because when you overcome that, something amazing will show its self to you. 
Your family’s life will change for the good forever. 
You will look back and wish you did it 5 years ago. 
You will realize the fear was for nothing. 
I’m not here to tell you what to do. 
I will show you how I am doing it to my life. 
I will leave the clues to the blueprint I am following, the good and the bad. 
I will prove to you it’s possible if you choose.
This is my journey and my story. 
And I am no different to any of you. 
Keep crushing Fatherhood legends. 
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