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Comparison to others is stopping you from having a fulfilling life Dad

Comparison is ruining what could be a very fulfilling life for you Dads. 


We have all done it and probably have even done it today. 


Compared yourself, your situation, your children, your material items, your house to that of someone else online, in your neighborhood, work car park, driving down the street or to the tv show. 


The issue with comparison is most of the time we are only doing it against the top 1% of those people in that specific field. 


The man on the cover of men’s health. 


The reality star driving the lambo. 


The real estate agent in that million dollar house. 


That family with the perfect life holidaying at Disneyland. 


The kids success on YouTube or the sporting arena. 


On the front you think your life is far from perfect compared to these people and things but at the time what you fail to understand is. 


That person on the front of mens health isn’t a father. He doesn’t have a job that requires him to be there 9-5. He doesn’t have kids sport after work, bath, dinners and then try to fit your free time in the hour before bed. He has a sponsorship by a ready meal company and doesn’t cook. He has been training for 10 years and he doesn’t look like this year round. It was all for the shoot and has been edited up. 


The lambo you see driving comparing to your Kia Sportage in the garage isn’t even his. It’s leased to the max, dealership doing it for exposure through his social channels and probably hasn’t even driven it apart from this photo. 


The agent in that house and living the dream. Well it’s actually a clients house. He was there for the showing and although he is doing alright for himself he is still giving you smoke and mirrors of the reality. 


Oh and that family at Disneyland. Well you don’t know that dad had to work in the mines away from the family overseas for 12 weeks prior. He had 4 weeks off and before he went away again he wanted to spoil the kids. 


Those kids or families on YouTube always saying how rich they are, how annoying they are, how successful they are. Well they spent the first year or two uploading stuff daily with no following or views, spent hours and hours filming and editing to finally get their break a few years later. 


See we compare ourself to the end product. The one percenters. But we never compare where they started to our starting point and we hardly even compare to those that we feel are underneath us.


It’s one of the only things that can make you instantly feel worse about the situation you are currently in and can often deter your own dreams, goals and aspirations because that is who your comparing your journey too and not that of yourself yesterday. 


Dream big, have the huge aspirations but stop comparing yourself to anyone other than the dad you were yesterday. Because that dad is already ahead of 50% of the worlds population in regards to the life and success you have had to this point. 


Do it because the kids are watching and do it your way. 


Your children want the best version of you. Not a carbon copy of that person you are aspiring to be like. 


Crush the day. 



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