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Competition as a Dad

Legends. It’s human nature.

We see someone successful and we instantly want what they have and start comparing our position to theirs.

The issue with this is we fixate and highlight on their current heightened success point. The top of the spear.

We want their success of today.

Issue being Dads.

We are examining it all wrong.

By looking at that success and tip of the spear. We are somewhat hoping for a miracle, quick fix or lottery win to make it a reality.

In hindsight we should be focusing on the journey that took them there.

See to actually reach that position it probably wasn’t by chance.

It could have been months, years or decades of consistency, pain, failures and effort to make it a reality for them.

Chances are you don’t want to wait that long to end up in the same position and maybe you never would even if you followed the exact path?

Success leaves clues.

But the clues and success of another person can only help you by avoiding a few obstacles along the way.

You have still got to implement it into your own life.

And your life, your skillset, your knowledge base and your current situation still may not be suited or on the flip side all of these reasons could be why it works.

We can dream, aspire and want what someone else has.

But the only way it becomes a reality is by improving ourself daily. Even by just 1% on the day before will compound into some crazy results.

Learn to enjoy the journey.

The process.

The pathway to success isn’t quick and when you get there, you will want the next shiny object to your now leveled up position in life and once again be back on the journey.

All you have got to do Dads is to keep showing up day in and day out for the kids.

Keep moving forward on your own goals and visions and let them watch you do it.

Set the right example.

Be the leader daily.

Keep crushing fatherhood.

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