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Dad, How are you coping?

The isolation and restrictive way of living is an easy way out. I get it. I’m going through it with you.

It’s easy to switch off. Easy to slow down. Easy to pay off those small tasks each day. Easy to grab a beer or order another pizza.

It’s easy to be lazy. Easy to turn on Netflix than go for a run. Easier to put a frozen meal in the microwave than meal prep something healthy.

It’s been 4-5 months now.

There comes a point where you must take control again.

You must plan for post isolation.

You must plan for it sticking around for years.

You must plan your life again.

You must plan your health and well-being.

You must set goals to achieve.

You must become that example again for your children and the leader they need to see.

With your kids watching your every move now is as better time as ever to get your ass back into gear.

Set some realistic goals based on your restrictions where you live and make it happen.

2020 has been fucked for everyone.

But there is still people chasing dreams. Crushing results and moving ahead in life. They are in the same situation as you. The same restrictions. The same isolation.

Only difference is they don’t wanna be a sheep. They don’t wanna just do what everyone else is doing. They want to come out of this as a winner across every aspect of their life.

Your choice on how you finish of 2020.

Can be ahead of the pack and inspiring the family or you could notch up another 500 hours on Netflix and the socials.

Crush the day.

Crush fatherhood.

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