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Dads, 2020 Was your wake up to what you can improve on.

You see it so much out there.

“Bring on 2021, this year sucks”

I agree, this year has been some of the most challenging times we have been through in our lifetime between pandemics, murders, riots, protests and the list goes on.

With a more glass half full approach I think it’s actually been a positive thing and something that has helped expose each of our own individual weaknesses and forced us to slow down across all aspects of life.

It exposed us financially, physically, mentally and our health.

It forced us to get into great hygiene standards again.

It forced us to spend more time with the kids again and less time consuming technology.

It forced some of us to up-skill our knowledge or take that leap and start that new business or be forced out of that job you hate and made to find another.

It gave us the opportunity to spend time on us and our family. Get those things done around the house you had been putting off.

It showed who your true friends and family were and those that supported you when you were stuck at home or forced into quarantine.

If you had a business it showed you who was loyal to the brand and who was there for the ride.

So don’t write off 2020 use it to shape your future.

Use it to build on what you were not ready for.

Use it to have a plan in place for the family if something else happens or it stays around for longer.

Use it to set goals that are important and achievable no matter what happens.

Use it to grow as a leader In the house to your kids and show them that you have it covered and you are the safety net and the example to follow.

The lesson plan has been showed and given to you over the last 4 months.

How you position yourself moving forward is on you.

Be the example.

Crush the day.

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