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Dads And setting goals

We all set goals and they are typically months or years away.

The problem is we grind, hustle and work our ass of to reach this goal and then we celebrate or feel accomplished for a split second until we realize we actually want more.

Better fitness, more savings, bigger house, better car, etc etc.

Too many people don’t enjoy the journey leading up to that goal. They think it’s a chore and a grind and a means to an end of reaching that goal.

It shouldnt be that way. You know that out of 90% of the things your chasing your going to want more when you get there. That you will never actually be 100% satisfied and content of reaching it and being done.

So because your chasing that never ending goal let’s take a step back and start enjoying the road to that goal. The journey. The process. The grind.

Celebrate the small wins and the milestones along the way not just the end goal.

Smile. Laugh. Have fun. Fail, learn and never give up.

Dont get caught up with failures. Adjust. Fix what went wrong and keep moving forward it is all a learning curve and will make it more satisfying and you stronger when you reach the end point.

The journey will be with you for life. It’s not an 8 week quick fix.

Trust the process. Enjoy the path and just keep moving forward.

keep crushing it. Keep enjoying the journey and keep being you. Because your kids deserve it
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