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Dads and social media..

So let’s talk about Social Media and how it plays on your mental state.

It’s been one of the best and one of the worst things to hit our generation.

The best is how we can connect with friends, family and communities we build.

The worst is the 2 faced world it has become. The comparisons, the fake reality, the constant feeling of needing, wanting or having to be more.

There is fathers out there that see our life, yes yours reading this now and believe you have it all and would kill to be in your position. Meanwhile you are looking at their simple life wishing you had it easier.

There are super fit dads everywhere rocking a 6 pack and you wish that you could be exactly like him. Meanwhile he is looking at you wishing he could have a beer and pizza and not have to keep trying to please everyone online.

There is fathers looking at your sports car thinking you have made it. Meanwhile that father in the sports car is looking at your 4 kids wishing he could have had another child.

There are Fathers that are constantly complaining they have no time to keep fit and healthy whilst there screen time app tells a different story that they spend 4 hours on Facebook a week. Meanwhile you have fathers working at the mines wishing they could just be in the same house as there kids to even kiss them goodnight.

There is so much comparison which is completely fucking around with fathers heads.

Start having some gratitude for the life you are living. The choices you made. The reality you have set for yourself. There is a father out there striving to be in the position you are in right now.
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