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Dads, Don't fall for the quick fix. Real results take time!

Using the concept of fitness and training in the gym can help you in so many aspects of your journey through fatherhood.

In the gym you have to start small weights, do low Reps and can’t get through the whole workout or routine straight away.

But over time you become stronger, smarter, build that muscle, gain better flexibility, confidence grows, the body grows and it becomes apart of your daily ritual and there is never an end point. Always something to work on and always someway to get better.

Building mental strength, building better habits, teaching valuable lessons, eating cleaner, learning to love or accept yourself and your situation all need time. All need multiple reps. All need to be constantly worked on for you to get stronger and more confident across them.

There is not a quick fix legends.

You have got to keep up those repetitions day in day out. Constantly upping the weight. Constantly upping your skill set and always be better than the day before.

It’s the journey team.

Arnie didn’t win Mr Olympia from a 4/8/12 week quick fix.

Sly Stallone didn’t become a top actor after his first movie

And we are all years into our journey as a father and still have plenty to learn and understand.

Play the long game. You will always win.

Crush the day.

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