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Dads, Stop trying to impress others!

You can never impress people.

Society: You should parent this way.

Also Society: No, Kids don’t like when you do that.

You will never do something right. No matter the good deed, the purpose, how it makes you feel. Someone is going to have a theory on why you could have done better and how they did it.

It’s the world we live in. It’s the social media landscape.

It’s the confidence people have behind a phone texting but they will walk past you with head down in the shops pretending like they don’t see you.

If fatherhood and coaching thousands of fathers around the world has taught me anything, you have got to be you, do you and ensure that you go all in on what you feel is right for the greater good of your family.

There is always an opinion. Good, bad or otherwise.

Take it with a grain of salt. Move on and continue chasing your goals.

The thing is you only need to be better than that dad you were yesterday. Your kids are the only ones you need to impress.

Time and time again you see men trying to out do each other. The house, the car, the toys, the gifts for their kids. Boasting about it. How their kids school is better. The bike it better their holiday was better.

Well once again no one really cares. Their ego takes a high for a day. But then the reality is fuck I have now got to pay for it. Why didn’t he care as much? Why didn’t I get those likes on Instagram from my grade 3 school mates.

Start taking control of your life. Your journey and what you like to be in control of.

You get one shot at being an amazing father to your kids and a short period to do it.

They believe you are their superhero. So keep it that way for them.

Crush the day.

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