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Dads, The key to finding your happiness

Dads, One of the biggest keys to finding happiness is stop caring what others think or say about you.

It’s always that 1% of people you are worried about or that one or two people online previously that are loud and outspoken behind the screen but would never say it too your face.

-Not wanting to post your real thoughts about covid because of the potential back lash.

-Not wanting to post about the riots or protests because you don’t want to anger people.

-Not posting how proud you are of your wife because you don’t want your friends to see you being sentimental.

-Not posting a picture of you having a foot massage with your daughter and your nails done because of what the boys might think of you.

Shit needs to change.

Your confidence needs to increase.

Your perceived worry about others and what they might say or write on your post needs to be forgotten.

There is block and delete or even turn off comments as an option remember. 😉

If you have thoughts you want to get across. Wins you want to share. Advice you want to give or praise you want the world to hear then do it.

Do it because you can. Do it because your proud. Do it so in a year the memory of it gives you a happy smile. Do it because you don’t need to be caught in the world of fear and what others may or may not say.

This is your life.

You get one shot at it.

You can’t come back and fix today’s efforts in 5 years time.

Start being you. The world has enough fake. It needs more real people doing real things.

Crush the day.

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