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Dads, Time to take action with what you want to achieve.

Accepting Responsibility and taking action is the difference between achieving your success or staying with your dreams.

We can provide the workouts, the education, the meal plans, the motivation and even the support but without you being 100% committed to achieving your goals and pushing the limits to your typical normal then you won’t ever be 100% satisfied on what could have been.

As Fathers we get it. The workload, the commute, the job, the responsibilities it’s tough. It’s not easy. But it never was designed to be.

Add healthy and active living to the mix and you have a whole new responsibility to contend with.

But guess what?

You’re not actually as busy as you make out to be.

The fact your reading this right now means your most likely on your phone and have been for some time which could have been put to better use without even going into your hours of phone usage daily.

Time is not the issue. Your schedule is. Your priorities are not in place and your confidence and belief isn’t at its maximum.

Even though you may not believe in yourself. Your number one supporter being your children believe you are Superman.

So act like it. If not for you then most definitely do it for them because they are watching your every move and they want to grow up just like dad. What version of dad they grow up like is on you.

Be the example.

Crush the day.

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