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Don't Get comfortable Dads.

There are not too many times in the first few years of fatherhood that allow you too be completely comfortable. 

Is the baby breathing. 

Why isn’t he drinking the milk. 

He won’t stop crying on the plane. 

Is the pool fence secure. 

He doesn’t like daycare. 

Why are his friends walking before him. 

What if the temp gets higher. 

And the list can go on and on. 

In the first few years there is daily occurrences of you second guessing yourself, the situation, other people or questioning your ability. 

Well same goes for your personal life. 

Why don’t I have this many followers. 

Why didn’t I get that promotion. 

How does he afford that car. 

Why can’t we go on holidays. 

His house is way bigger than ours. 

Why are their kids not naughty. 

Once again daily uncomfortable situations that you are faced with. 

But you keep charging forward. 

You keep achieving goals. 

You keep your kids healthy and strong and full of love and you even try to make time for yourself. 

Start getting comfortable being uncomfortable. 

It’s where the magic happens. 

Have a great day. 


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