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Don't set the same goals as other fathers!

You don’t have the same goals as other fathers. 
Nor are you each at the exact same stage of life and the exact same point on that timeline of achieving that goal. 
So why care for what they have, what they are doing or how they might be doing it?
One thing I realized early on in fatherhood is to stay in my lane. I didn’t have to be like the other fathers. 
I was into fitness, it was my job but had always been a passion as well. 
I had all the pressures of being a new father just like you. Was winging it. Feeling out of place and trying to make things happen and hoping my theories turned out right or very quickly learning from my mistakes. 
As a new born father going to the park or the beach and doing workouts with the kids felt like I was back at high school again. 
You had all these older fathers, fathers of kids much older and all looking at you like what are you doing. What are these crazy workouts what is with all this fitness crap. 
Back when I first done my e book 2.5 years ago there wasn’t even a “Dad Bod” word floating around. There wasn’t this stigma on fathers keeping fit and healthy for their kids, well not as publicized as it is today. 
I was this small fish in a big pond being in the industry I had seen it for years with mothers and kids keeping fit I even used to run a mums and bubs boot camp class 6 years ago. But the dads always missed out. 
Anyway long story short if I had worried about what others are doing I would be running a generic PT program online for males females and anyone who could scrape the barrel. I wouldn’t be in the father field and creating a community, ebooks, academy, podcast etc for the last 12-24 months and I defiantly wouldn’t be talking to you today. 
Sometimes you have to trust in your gut that everything will work out the way it’s meant to. 
Don’t worry about anyone but yourself and your family. 
Clear your mind of them. Stay in your lane and do and be you! 
Have the best day!!
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