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F*CK I HATE pyramid schemes....

Fuck I hate pyramid schemes........
im not sure what I hate more the MLM side of things and people selling there left kidney to recruit their mother in law to there product or the products that are full of shit. 
Yeh yeh I get it and hear your response now they are scientifically backed and done this many studies and Joe lost 78kg last year alone and blah blah blah. 
Well they are scoentifically backed due to said company paying the college or university or lab so much Fucken money that they are going to basically write anything they want. 
And Joe the guy that lost 78kg. Well he probably become somewhat active from completely sedentary. Ate in a calorie deficit and changed his lifestyle up. Shit he could have done without the magic potion. He could have saved $976 in the process and also not had to sell out to his friends. 
I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years now and ever since social media and you start growing a brand or community don’t you see everyone come out of the woodwork. Quite honestly I get pitched one of these schemes daily sometimes from someone I know. Most time from randoms who see numbers from social and see $$ in their head. If I recruit the fit dad lifestyle and he recruits his following be like winning the jackpot. No dick I’m not making you rich!!
I get why people do it. They get promised holidays, new cars, residual income etc etc. In some people’s circumstances that promise is too good to pass up. You have to do what you have to do too support your family. 
What I don’t understand though is how quickly they think they are an expert. 
Last week you were a boiler maker. This week your a wellness coach and entrepreneur. 
Well fuck me. I should have just done that 10 years ago. Fuck studying and getting experience. Should have just signed those dotted lines. Bought some magic pills or powder and bang. 
Let me tell you some facts. 
If you are wanting to sign up to one of these schemes for weight loss only. How about first trying to just get a little more active than you already are and use a free app like my fitness pal and track calories and put yourself in a deficit. Could have just saved you thousands of dollars and friendships. 
If you are doing it for extra money. First of all if your in dire straights and broke fuck you are going to try anything I get it.  But if your doing it cause ur mate just pitched you that you can replace your income in 12 months and get this holiday and that car etc etc. It’s full of shit. He is the one that is getting rich of your hard work. The one above him in the pyramid is making more and so on. 
Save your time and your friendships. It’s not worth it. Don’t believe me just type “said company name” scam in google. Read for yourself. Or watch any of the documentaries etc. 
So in closing that little pill your having with your McDonald’s or Pizza to stop carbs and fats is not an excuse to eat the shit. That powder and magic potion is doing fuck all and those friends you keep messaging to jump on board to your promiseland can see straight through your scam. 
Enjoy the day. 
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