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F*CK Regret in 2041

Lets shoot from the hip today legends!

​As I am sure you are well aware YOU only get one shot at this thing Called life and Fatherhood.

There is no coming back and being a better example to your children during their 3rd year of life. 

​You get one shot at inspiring, leading and teaching them right from wrong through all their first experiences.

​You fuck up, that's on YOU.

​One bit of advice I want you to take out of todays email.

YOU have the ability to do more today.

The dreams, goals, adventures, learnings, health you put of today, tomorrow, next week. These are the seeds you are planting to what might well become the regret that you suffer with in 20 years Time in 2041.

​You will look back 20 years and go shit, I wish I left that job I hated, I wish I spent more times with the children than on the socials. I wish I took them on that holiday. I wish I was fit enough to learn to surf with them. I wish, I wish & I wish!

​So today I want you to do me one thing.

Get a notebook and pen out or use the notes app on your phone and write down every big ticket item you want to achieve over your life.

Put them in order of importance and do everything in your power to make it a reality.

Stop living for that lottery win that never comes and start doing more for those little eyes looking up at you saying "Dad, I love you"

You are the only one that can promote change and avoid regret in the future by doing more today.

Keep crushing fatherhood.

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