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You’re gonna, I’m gonna. We’re gonna..... 
Suffocate the talk. Suffocate the unrealistic dreaming and suffocate those pathetic excuses you keep making for your inabilities to achieve your goals whether it be health, fitness or otherwise. 
Start setting some serious goals and get to work on executing them! 

You have a few little sets of eyes looking up at you and watching, learning, imitating your every move.

What do you think that instills into them and their future if Dad is always all talk and no action?

You are the unique position to shape the future of your children in the most positive way, instilled with all the confidence, skillsets and knowledge you can possibly give out.

You control how the future looks by the ACTIONS you are taking today not the words you are speaking.

Oh and before I forget.
YES you have time. 168 hours in the week. Stop telling me your unhappy, unfit and unhealthy because you “Dont Have Time”. 
We all have time. Just how you manage it!
Now get out there and make something of the day or live with regret in 20 years time. Your call!
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