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Goal Setting simplified.

Goal set like a football team going for a championship to understand the process easier and ensure you set yourself up for success.
First you need to think of the goal, what is it you want to achieve over the coming 12 months? The team is obviously going for that championship, what are you going for?
Next we need to lay the foundations of that goal for a team they are putting in the hard yards at preseason. For you if the goal is fitness based it could be buying that gym membership. Getting those new running shoes. Only having healthy stuff in the house, new workout clothes etc.
After we have the foundations we need a plan, milestones and targets to hit along the way to ensure we are on the right track.
A footy team has the ladder, they know where they are sitting, they know what teams they have to beat and where they have to finish to be in the final 8 to be in contention for the finals.
You need to have milestones whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It’s easier to have these milestones start at the end goal and work backwards to today’s date. The idea behind milestones is that if you are consistently hitting these at the prescribed date then you are going to eventually hit your goal.
They are a good tracker to let you know your on the right path or your missing the mark and need to readjust, reset and check what isn’t working, just like a footy team would swap out players try different positions and different tactics if things are not working.
When you get close to the goal it is best to reset the larger milestones say your 2-4 weeks out and have no weekly targets to hit so you can have the hit of reassurance and keeps your mindset in check to keep pushing forward.
This is the same as a footy club come finals time. Last 4 games of the year. Got to win all 4 to win the grand final but everything comes under a microscope. Everything is now Triple checked and based on facts. Same applies to you.
So what goals are you chasing over the coming 12 months?
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