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Grateful 24/7/365

Becoming a Father was a scary thought. Every single experience of those first few days is different to every other Dad on earth.

From the stress of the trip to the hospital, the hours with your partner in labor and those first few days. No one journey, experience or event is the same nor is there a blueprint to follow.

How your life can instantly change, you have found so much more love in your heart, your priorities change instantly, your vision for the future shifts and your responsibilities and ability to learn kick straight into action.

Becoming a father taught me patience again and it also brought me fear, stress, immense happiness, tears, anger, love, affection and every other emotion there is and sometimes all in one day.

It taught me how to lead again.

It showed me new levels of resilience and encouraged me to become that example in every action I take daily.

No longer did I crave the attention of others in person or online. I now craved their approval and happiness. My kids were my new metric to impress.

It gave me purpose to my health and fitness. I was no longer just training to look good and feel good. I was also training for life. Training for fatherhood. Training so I didn’t have to say no to any physical activity they want to do.

It has given me the strength to live each day like it’s the last but goal set for the family for the next 50 years.

Becoming a Father is the gift that keeps giving. No two days the same and although it can be tough. The good far outweighs the bad.

To my wife and children. Thank you. You have given me the drive, purpose and motivation to do whatever has to be done to ensure the legacy we leave will continue for generations to come.

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