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How are your kids coping?

The world is going crazy,
Riots, pandemics, murders this that and everything else.

Parents are working from home, losing jobs, unsure how they are going to support their kids over the next 12 months.

Kids are in and out of school. Seeing stuff on tv, listening on radio or to your conversations.
Sometimes home schooling other times not allowed to enter shops of touch this, play with friends or see grandparents.

It’s a weird time to be alive and even weirder for the kids in the 4-7 year bracket who are old enough to notice change or disruption but not old enough to understand exactly what it is and why.

If your kids are acting a little more emotional, angry, stressed or any new behavioral changes then take a deep breath and realize how your mood due to everything could be passing on to them. Realize that they are also experiencing changes to what they thought was their safe zone and their normal.

Give them a chance to explain to you what they are feeling and try to provide them with that safe and consistent home life that allows them to feel safe secure and normal whenever they are away from the world at home.

Have an amazing day with your family.

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