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“I don’t have time”

EVERYONE HAS TIME. the fact you are reading this right now on a platform that for the vast majority of you has no correlation to your work or goals or as a must each day means you have time.

The reason you don’t believe you have time to achieve your goals is that those goals are not important enough.

You consistently talk as if they are the only thing that matters. But your actions show a different story.

You prioritize things like flicking on here. Watching tv and all the other stuff that chews up hours of time as an escape to not actually do anything.

You then blame this, that and everything else every month or two as to the reason you are in no better position.

Until you start managing your time each week and your priorities start matching your goals you will continuously feel this way.

You don’t have to go without to achieve those goals, but you do need to get serious about prioritizing what is going to move you closer to them.

Binge watching that next show for 12 episodes might be great at the time.

But 12 hours putting into that one thing you have been putting off for 6 months could be the difference of achieving it this year or living with regret in 10 years.

Start living your life with purpose.

What do you want your children to imitate. Dad on his phone or laying in bed watching tv or Dad strategizing his next move, getting fit and healthy, finishing that task etc etc.

You’re in control of the moves the next generation make.

If it’s unhealthy and lazy. Then that’s on you and a direct result of what they have been witnessing all these years.

Time to step up to the plate.

Keep crushing fatherhood.

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