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It is all about Effort

Why are the so many financial self help books but yet so many people struggling with money. 

Near all personal trainer's are now an “online coach” and there is more free content online than ever before but the obesity levels are still on the rise?

Why do so many people talk a good game come end of December that the next year is their year and they are going to crush goals XYZ but then come Feb they are back in old routines and giving you excuses?


Some would even say commitment. 

In a world where the attention span is lower than ever most people are too lazy to follow through on their goals because unfortunately anything over 30 days seems too long. 

I bet you that even as you look at your own life right now. Over the last 6 months. What goals have you set whether it’s family, business, fitness, personal etc that you are now longer actively chasing and or didn’t achieve for whatever reason? 

On the contrary for every thousand that are like the above there are a few that keep chipping away in silence. Don’t need to post what they are doing. Actively hitting their milestones and ticking goals off without the pressure of it having to be done in 1/3/6 months time and showcased online for the praise of the world.

They are on the journey. They understand greatness doesn’t happen overnight and don’t need your gratification or pat on the back or positive words of reinforcement to continue on the path. 

So you can choose what you want to become as you move forward in life. 

What father are you going to be to your kids. 

What example are you going to set?

Are you going to be a gunna?

Or are you going to be someone who stops making all the excuses in the world as to why not and starts actually following through with what you say and be the example for your kids to look up to. 

Cause at the end of the day it’s their opinion that matters. 

Not those on social media or at work. 

Be the Father who makes the effort and doesn’t lose attention. 

Be the example.
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