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Just do it Dad

Let me tell you one thing I know to be true. 


That one goal, dream, aspiration you are wanting to go after and achieve but you are scared about what your friends, partner, parents, colleagues or mates at the pub will say about you doing it is not as scary as you are working it up to be in your head. 


The negativity you think you will get won't be as bad as you are thinking if at all. 


It will help expose and show you true family or friends and probably 2 of the best take aways is one you won't live with regret in 20 years time which I can guarantee will hurt more than any sacrifice today to achieve it. 


Two, your children will get to witness greatness. What a better learning lesson than Dad chasing his dreams and being able to show your children what hard work, determination, grit and persistence can deliver. 


Be the leader. Be the example. Do things because you want to and stop putting things off from the fear of what others may say. 


It's easy to talk big game behind a computer screen or phone. That's why you will never see those you are worried about doing anything as big as what you are going after. 


Keep crushing fatherhood. 




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