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Lockdowns, Children & Achieving Goals

The last 18 months have been tough!
The world as we knew it, the world In which we were raising our children and the world that we were comfortable in was flipped upside down, inside out and then a triple backflip to continue the show.
Where do I stand on it?
Well to be quite honest I miss traveling the most. As a family we were always traveling her, there and everywhere and as a side note we were the last flight in to Australia from Bali when the PM announced at the time 2 week quarantine for anyone arriving from midnight. We landed at 11.15pm and where cheering. But were met with guys in hazmat suits saying bad luck guys, daylight savings you miss out by 15min as it was Canberra time. Hello 2 week home quarantine and welcome to Covid.
We were essentially forced to shut down our group fitness business because of lockdowns, restrictions etc etc it wasn't viable to keep it open at all.
But it forced us to pivot, very quickly. We sat down as a family, we set goals, we worked day and night to launch the Fit Dad Fuel products. My wife fell pregnant (Thanks lockdown haha)
We had an amazing 12 months in business, We brought a house, We started homeschooling full time, We moved from running the business in 3 bedrooms and a garage to a 200sqm warehouse.
We had a moment about 2 weeks Ago and you may remember the video I did on it. I was having a shitty few days, stressed out, over it and just wanting to escape. Nothing was going to plan and then we stopped and reflected to 12 months ago.
Here we were worrying about a 72 hour period of pain and it was getting us down in the dumps and angry with the government, world and each other at home but in 12 months we achieved and succeeded every single goal or milestone we had for the family.
It wasn't due to one event, it wasn't due to one win. It was 365 days of compounding everything and being 1% better than yesterday.
Right now that 72 hour window of pain is done and dusted, our mindset shifted. If we achieved everything above in 1 year. What can we achieve over the next year?
What goals can we set, what do we need to start doing daily to get there?
What are we going to do when the government throws a curve burl?
What can we do to protect our children?
How do we shield them from the constant barrage of negativity and information that changes depending on the news channel and or the day of the week?
How can we ensure home life to them is as normal as possilble and allows it to be their safe haven, free of virus talk, free of news and politics. Its a place where they can be kids, they can live the life they would have been living pre pandemic and wd can introduce that travel back in post pandemic!
If the last 18 months has been anything to me its that you cant be settled, you cant be too comfortable, you need to be able to change on a dime. You need to be able to adjust daily and realise that blaming everyone else may feel good, but it won't change anything but I know for a fact it will tarnish your positivity against everything else you set out to do, this goes for work, kids, partner etc etc.
So through the barrage of negativity, try to see some positivity. Protect your children, shield them and create a safe home for them and remember what worked previously may not anymore, but if you don't take a positive spin on things and keep blaming everyone else other than yourself then nothing will change at all!
Because at the end of the day, YOU are the only one that can make change. Good, Bad or otherwise. Don't expect anyone else to do it for you. Keep being that leader your children are looking to you everyday trying to imitate. Cause to them depending on their age, they may not know any different. So its up to you to keep it that way.

Keep crushing fatherhood.

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