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Lose the Fear, Win at Fatherhood

Fear is typically the one thing holding us back in doing what we love, chasing our dreams and going big time with our ambitions.

It's a different fear to what most people think. It's not a fear of this is dangerous, I'm so close to the edge, I am so scared.

It's the fear of other people. Their opinions, the words they might write about you online, say about you at school pick up or make known around the work place.

Unfortunately to many of us Dads let the opinion of others and that crippling affect of fear stop us going and doing what we really want.

It's the whole devil on the shoulder. One side saying go for it and the other reminding you what John said about you last time you did something like this.

The few things I know to be true regarding this type of situation are:

1- Your worries are more in your own head than those of others. The other people although you think they care they are that caught up in their own life and fear they might pipe in here and there but they are running scared just like you.

2: Your true family/friends will lift you up, encourage, support and push you. Your other 1000 "friends" on social media are not really friends they are typically people from work, school, footy club or randoms. People that quite happy to like a photo but wouldn't stop and have a convo if you seen them in the supermarket.

3: As soon as you do it you kick yourself for taking so long. Your happiness oozes out and your kids finally get to see you chasing your dreams and achieving them which inspires them to be better.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and parent ourself just like you would your kids if you noticed they we hitting some sort of fear.

Have an amazing day legends.

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