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Motivation for Dads

This week I want you to take control, take action and start moving towards every goal, dream and vision you have ever had. 

Stop the bullshit excuses, stop being so negative and stop believing you are a no body. 

You have the ability to achieve everything you ever wanted. There is a human just like you who has already achieved it. Model there success. Model there process. But do it your way. 

Stop reading about the success stories and fucken become the success story. 

You are better than where you currently are in life. 

You deserve more. Your KIDS deserve more. 

The only thing stoping you is the bullshit excuse you keep telling yourself as to why it can’t be done. 

Believe in yourself. Have the confidence to match your visions with your actions. 

Be patient it will not happen over night. 

But if you continue to do nothing about it. It won’t happen at all. 

You have got to be hungry. You have got be determined. Courages in your pursuit of greatness. 

Start showing your kids how to dream big and achieve big. 

Let you be their example. Not a textbook. Not a YouTube video. Not a news article. 

Be the example and stop talking big game and never taking any action about it. 

You are better than that. 

Get it done. Start now. 

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