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Must Read for ALL DADS

A lot of Fathers are falling in the dangerous trap of doubting their ability to be a great Dad. 

They are constantly stressed, working too much, not training as much as they should be and eating healthy only when they can. 

Let me tell you this. 

I personally deal with 1000’s of fathers every month and as a result see some crazy trends that are pretty apparent across the board. 

All the fear, doubt, negativity you have on yourself and your ability as a Dad typically comes from always trying to compare yourself to others who are perceived to be living that perfect life on “social media” some people you know personally a lot you don’t. 

Some of these people are celebrities or athletes and others are school friends. 

But let me tell you one thing every single one of these people you compare your life too whether it’s financial, physically, mentally, travel, cars, toys has that exact same issue that you do. 

Their life might be perceived to be amazing but they too are as stressed as you. They are working as much as you, their kids don’t listen just like yours and getting a good night sleep is just as tough in that house. 

So when you stop and think is their life so perfect and realize as a Dad it’s probably pretty similar it gets back to you and how you gauge success on yourself. 

How you should be judging your success as a Dad is:

Are my kids happy and healthy? 

Are my kids eating good food and drinking clean water daily?

Do my kids still cuddle me and tell me they love me?

Are they in a safe environment with a roof over their head?

These are better metrics to gauge how you are going as a father. 

If you are ticking these boxes you are just as successful as a father than anyone else out there. 

Start complimenting yourself and being thankful for the life you are living and providing to your children. 

You’re an amazing Dad and you don’t need to compare yourself against anyone other than the person you were yesterday. 
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