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New year, same me

I thought about what 2022 means for me, my family, our goals.

Truth is just because of the year change, nothing actually changes.

You see I like to play the long game. I'm talking 10/15/20 years.

One of my goals as a Father is to be consistently 1% better than yesterday across all aspects of parenting.

That ensures I always win, always improving and always being a great father.

My health and fitness regime has shifted quite substantially from how I used to think and 1 give out to clients and 2 do for myself.

You won't see ever any more 8 week challenges, 4 week shreds, transformational this that or anything else.

Yeh it sounds good and yeh can get some quick results when you're chasing the quick fix. But 9 times out of 10 it's not sustainable. You fall back into bad habits quickly and end up at square one. Rinse and repeat.

My training now is the same as it was yesterday, a month ago or 6 months ago. It's sustainable. It can be done for the next 15/20 years.

Same goes for my nutrition.
I eat well 80/90% of the time. When it's in my control I go for a healthier option. If I have a craving or a want I have that item, if I feel like a beer after a big day in the yard or out with friends I will have one.

It suits me, it works for me, it's sustainable long term and I don't fluctuate weight and have to continually worry about any quick fixes. Everything is always dialed in to a point that I am happy.

So 2022 isn't bringing out a new me, it's just a better version of the current me.

Because I like the current version. My kids like the current version, my wife and friends like the current version.

I am making progress daily, I am achieving goals, I don't need to move on from the past year because it has helped shape who I am today and built the foundations on who I will be more likely to represent tomorrow.

Don't lose track of who you are and backflip on everything you're doing because of a date.

If you need a date to define who you are, what you do or why you're doing it then there is bigger issues underlying.

Play the long game, 1% better than yesterday in all aspects of life and you will continuously win and be happy doing it.

Happy new year team.

Have the most amazing couple of days with the family.


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