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One Life - No Regrets

A wish, a want, a goal or a missed opportunity.

Dads nearly all of us are suffering with some form of regret whether it’s from 5/10/15/20 years ago.

Things we should have done but didn’t opportunities that where there and we didn’t grasp. Childhood dreams we never actioned. Personal careers we passed up and the list goes on.

Well whilst we can’t change the past what we can do is try to avoid as much regret as possible in the future by doing more for ourself, our children, our family today.

The stuff you are avoiding today, this week, this month will be your future regret in 5/10/15 years.

The goals you are leaving on the table. The skill sets to teach your children the career you want to get into.

Let’s avoid regret and that internal pain that goes with it in 20 years by doing more today.

By planning as if we will live to 100 but living like we won’t make next week.

Become the leader. The example. The role model you want your kids to follow.

It starts now.

Keep crushing fatherhood.

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    Prof. Evans Brekke DVM

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